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Island Tips For Dog Lovers

The San Juan Preservation Trust seeks to promote conservation of the stunning beauty and magical character of the San Juan Islands. This includes fostering healthy, diverse, and sustainable habitats for wildlife and human communities. Check out their tips for dog owners visiting the islands!

We’re all creatures of habit, and some of us are in the habit of taking our canine friends with us when we walk in nature preserves. We welcome well-behaved dogs in our preserves that are open to the public—but only when their owners are also well-behaved enough to keep them on leashes.

We love your dog. We have dogs, too. 

But here's the thing: No matter how well-behaved some dogs may be, they have exceptional noses, and they are curious about a big world that people can't see. And without a leash, dogs can cover a lot of ground in a short time. Whether their explorations lead them to accidentally step into an active bird nest or to follow an irresistible scent into an animal’s hiding spot, it doesn’t take long for the sweetest or most well-behaved dog to inflict lasting damage to a local ecosystem. 

Some wildlife will flee and never return after experiencing just one single threat to their home. 

AND YES, POOP IS A PROBLEM! It carries bacteria that can make animals sick - and it broadcasts a clear signal to local wildlife that a new predator has discovered their sanctuary. Natural ecosystems can handle wild-animal poop, but not dog doo. That's why it's important to SCOOP IT!

You may be one of those dog owners who can let your pet off its leash, knowing that he or she will never leave your side. We envy you, and other dog owners will, too. Your unleashed pet will embolden others to remove the leash from their less well-behaved companions. One dog can cause significant damage; many dogs, over time, can cause catastrophic changes to this place that we all love and share. 

These are natural preserves. They have been protected for the plants and animals that live here. People - and our pets - are welcome but temporary visitors. 

DOG ENRICH OUR LIVES. And in this beautiful and sensitive place, they also belong on their leash!


Your dog-loving friends at the San Juan Preservation Trust.

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